About Wruff Stuff

Origin Story

Hood Shape Getting the shape almost right
Hood Design Trying out a design
First Printed Hood The first fully printed pup hood
Pup's Hood Puppy's own hood

Wruff Stuff is a labour of love that then became a thing.

In November 2015 I was looking for a hood for my puppy. None of the available hoods fit the pup's character or persona.

I decided to design a unique hood that would be the things the other hoods were lacking.
Being a designer, artist, and generally a creative type, making a hood wasn't something I was shy of.

My puppy is unque, outgoing and silly and therefore lends well to the Wruff Stuff ideology.

After some trial and error I had got the shape about right, and was looking at souring materials. I tried gluing different coloured vinyl in order to have a hood that showed a design, but it wasn't good enough.

So I tried something that no-one had done before. I made a fully-printed pup hood.

It was lovely! It brought some extra challenges regarding how designs change from 2D to 3D but the hood was done.

But that wasn't the end of it. Having posted pics on Facebook and Twitter, other pups were interested.

I road-tested some hoods, and eventually founded Wruff Stuff as the brand and started selling them.

I'm proud to see the outcome of my work enjoyed and loved all the world round.

Where we are now

We are now a small team based in and around Manchester (UK), composed of designers and friends - and some amazing support from pups, handlers, and happy, satisfied, waggly-eared customers.

There have been a couple of setbacks in getting the hoods to retail, but we're doing fine now.

Who knows where the journey will take us from here.

About Wruff Stuff Hoods

Physical attributes

Wruff Stuff hoods are printed in full glorious colour onto a neoprene/jersey fabric and then lovingly hand-made.

Hoods come in one size with adjustable webbing straps. They are machine washable.

Customer feedback

Pups love our hoods!

We get fantastic feedback on the quality of hoods, how they feel to wear, and also the quality customer service provided.

There are plenty of positive comments to see from happy pups on twitter.

We listen to customers, and appreciate any feedback.