Leather Pup Hoods

Leather Pup Masks

All the cuteness of the Wruff Stuff shape in leather.

Many borkings to all you leather-loving pups, kitties, etc

We've spent a lot of time perfecting our hood shape, created by the talented Mister Nigel over several months, and it's proven to work well as neoprene. Leather pup hoods have been on the cards for some time and it's about time we started making them. We've spent some time with professionals learning how to work with leather, and how to treat it properly. But we're not 100% ready to release a range, and this is where you can help...

Here's the deal

We're not quite sure yet what designs from our neoprene range will be on sale in leather, but we can stain it and paint on it.

So what we're doing is taking pre-orders on the basis that you trust us to provide you with a hood that you'll love based on the design that you ask for.

Not-so-small print

  • The design must be one of our existing neoprene designs.
  • Colours are limited and they're unlikely to accurately match your existing gear.
  • Production time is likely to be more than 6 weeks.
  • Certain designs may be too difficult.
  • We may be more creative with the application of colour than expected.
  • The base material is vegetable tanned leather.
  • The shape may change slightly from that shown in images already published.
  • Imperfection is beautiful. We're not going to hide the flaws that the material or the application of colours has.
  • Pre-order option will expire 1st August 2018.

You will get a finished, treated, wearable genuine Wruff Stuff leather pup or kitty hood.

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