When we post out orders we include a postcard to the customer. It's already filled out with some stuff we wrote, and it's pretty. We need art for the front. Rather than just do our own we decided we would help artists who draw relevant things by promoting their work. In return for use of the artwork we will tell people that we used it, who drew it across all the social platforms we use, and on the postcard itself. Do you have an image you'd like us to use? Skip to the part about providing artwork.

Postcard History

Do you have an image you'd like us to use?

First of all, how you'll be credited:

  • You'll get a mention on the reverse of the postcard, referring to the image on the front.
  • Your image will appear on the website home page for several months.
  • Your image will appear on this page (latest first) and include a link or links to your art.
  • We'll share the image on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts and include whichever of your links is most relevant to each social platform, and tag you where applicable.

Still reading? Cool. Images we use on a postcard need to follow a few guidelines:

  • We are body positive and have no preference to race, gender, etc etc.
  • Images must be safe for work: no nudity, sexualised images, or kinky business.
  • Images must be related to human and/or anthropomorphic pups, dogs, kitties and/or foxes.
  • We'd prefer that hoods in artwork represent only Wruff Stuff hoods, and hoods in photos are only Wruff Stuff unless it's a crowd shot.
  • Signatures on art look fine but a typed URL plonked on an image looks poor.
  • Final images need to be A6 landscape with 3mm bleed (111mm x 154mm) at 150dpi or higher.

If you have a great image you'd like to use send an email to [email protected] and the subject Postcards, with a preview image of the one you'd like us to use, a selection of thumbnails to poke at, a link to browse or whatever.