Bespoke pup hood

Bespoke Pup Hood £169.99 + shipping (varies per country)

A bespoke hood is one that you've conceived and asked us to make. Bespoke hoods, like our own designs, are made from lightweight washable neoprene.

So you want to create your own pup hood? Okies!

Download the hood drawing guide and create what you want the hood to look like. It doesn't matter if that's done digitally, or if you scribble with crayon and send a photo.

Then email to [email protected] with the finished drawing.

A bespoke pup hoods using the standard Wruff Stuff hood shape costs £169.99.

A very time-consuming design may incur further costs. You'll be advised before anything goes ahead. Conversely, contact us first if your design is very simple.

Already had the chat? (Or maybe you want to pay first)

Insert pennies into the puppy bank and we can get on with making your creation.



Finished bespoke pup hoods