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This genuine Wruff Stuff hand-crafted pup hood is made from neoprene, it's lightweight, breathable, comfortable to wear and machine-washable. Hoods have adjustable straps to fit. The mouth piece is flexible enough for you to use your own mouth as usual, and the tongue is removable. All hoods are latex-free.
N.B. The brand is no longer printed onto the face of any of our hoods.

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Crosshatching using different shades of the same colour gives this great - almost hairy - effect. Pick a single colour and we'll do the rest.

  1. Customise your hood
    Leave empty to keep colours as shown in the main photo. Be specific with your colours ("light blue", "mid blue" or "dark blue" instead of "blue" for example), or use RGB/CMYK values for a closer match.

    Ear shape
    Make the main colour approximately
  2. By the way...

    • What's the name of the pup this is for?
      Optional. Sometimes we need to take pics of new accessories with pups' names on. If we use this name we'll post the thing to you for free.

    • How did you find out about us?
      Optional. Search engine? Another pup?

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Release date 2018-03-13

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